Friday, April 26, 2013

A Band Called DEATH Documentary Trailer

A BAND CALLED DEATH [Trailer] from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.

These guys were punk years before people had heard punk music.  They were nearly unheard and unknown of until nearly 35 years after they broke up when a demo tape was found, remastered, and released upon the world.  Even though there are only 7 songs on their 1974 recorded and 2009 released album For The Whole World to See, it packs more punch then almost any other band has managed no matter the length of their career.  Since this was released 4 years ago it has been a constant on my playlist.  I am really lloking forward to this movie and seeing more about this band and their story.  Its too bad that the lead singer was already dead by the time people heard of this band and promoters were trying to book them shows.  Look them up and buy this album.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A.Wolf Pozible Proposal to Create & Exhibit in Australia

I have decided to try a crowdfunding project in order to be able to raise money to create a solo exhibition of all new work in Melbourne. Pozible is the Australian counterpart to Kickstarter. It enables people to fund projects that they find intriging and want to see become reality. If you click the link below you can read all about my proposal, my plans for the future and what I have been up too recently. If you have not heard of Pozible or Kickstarter before, all will be clarified when you read my proposal, all will be made clear as too what these sites offer and how this project will work. If you decide to help me by donating, there are lots of different rewards to compensate for your support. If you donate and I do not reach my target amount then the money will not be taken from your bank account. It is only if I reach my goal amount that the money goes towards my project. I look forward to keeping friends and fans of my artwork posted as too how this project is going and I will update everyone as much as possible.  If you have any questions you can email me at


Captain Murphy's The Killing joke video

A fan made music video for the Captain Murphy track The Killing Joke, that Captain Murphy liked so much he made it the official video. Below is a 35 minute video released last year on VHS for the Duality Mixtape that had the internet guessing Captain Murphy's real identity. It was later revealed at LA's Low End Theory that the true identity of the Captain was producer Flying Lotus rap alter ego. A few weeks later on New Years Day I was lucky enough to be seeing FlyLo when he closed out his set with a few Captain Murphy tracks. You can download the whole mixtape at the bottom of

CAPTAIN MURPHY'S DUALITY from Captain Murphy on Vimeo.