Thursday, July 8, 2010

KRS-One: Listen to the words of the Teacher

I haven't posted anything in a bit now because I have been finalizing the artwork for the new Theocide album for the past few days.  It is almost done and the band is going to press their new CD soon.  Once its ready to go I will post all the new artwork for the album.  Since I haven't posted in about a week now I did this quickly today.  Inspired by the Shepard Fairey campaign posters for Barack Obama and more so by the legendary KRS-One.  If you don't know him go hunt down any of the first three Boogie Down Production albums (Criminal Minded, By All Means Necessary, and Ghetto Music: the Blueprint of Hip Hop).  One of the pioneers of Hip Hop and a philosopher, activist, visionary.  If the world was run by men with his vision and caliber the world would be a much better place to live in. 

I included some screen shots I took as I was working to show the piece at a few different stages.

While I was searching for reference pictures I also found a few more of these that are pretty awesome:

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