Friday, June 10, 2011

My New Website

I finally have a proper website to show my artwork and to view my portfolio properly.  I will update the site with finished work and I will also keep this blog going.  The website will be for finished work and I will use this blog to show pieces as I work on them as well as sketches and odds and ends.  I am also changing the focus on this blog as well.  It will not only be a place for me to post work and ideas but it will now be somewhere I can collect and showcase other peoples work that I am inspired by or at very least intrigued by.  My influences are not just from art and other artist work but also from a variety of other media.  Music plays an intricate part in my process, I am always listening to music while drawing and it always informs my work.

As for the 30 minute drawings that I was promising to do everyday in order to improve my speed and sketching abilities, before jumping into projects right away.  I have been doing these but I have not posted many.  I have been drawing by hand and I do not have a cable for my scanner so I am unable to share.

I have lots of new work to share and many different projects and personal pieces that I am currently finishing or midway to completing, which I will be sharing very soon (some of these projects I will not be able to share at all).  

I am excited about my new site and the shift in focus with this blog.  Thanks for following my artwork and for the support.


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