Friday, July 20, 2012

John Baizley and Baroness

Earlier this week Baroness released their third album, a double LP named Yellow and Green.  After a few listens I'm not sure if I like it as much as their older albums.  It is not nearly as heavy but it seems like an album that will grow on me over time, an album that slowly reveals itself after repeated listens.  On thing for sure is that the cover, illustrated by frontman and singer John Baizley is amoung his best.  This man is the frontman and writer for one of the most progressive metal bands currently going while his artwork has come to define modern metal and stylistically is the identity of southern metal.  I was a fan of his when I first saw his work and I actually bought a Baroness shirt long before I had listened to their music.

 Baroness: Yellow and Green

 Baroness: Blue Record

Baroness: Red Record

Baroness Tracks:

Other Album Covers and Artwork by John Baizley:

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  1. I love the artwork! Excellent work done with magnificent imagination. Two thumbs up!