Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today the Deftones released a song from their 7th album Koi No Yokan called Leathers.  This will not serve as the first single from the album but merely as a preview track.  On October 9th the first single Tempest will be released and the album will be released November 13th.  Leathers has every element of a great Deftones song and what still sets them apart from every other metal band.  It is super aggressive and still has fragile, chillingly beautiful moments.  There is no other band like this and they are still way ahead of every other band, showing no signs of becoming boring, old or used up after such a long career of so many highlights.  While recording this album they also tracked a series of covers which are rumored to be three Elvis Presley songs and an Earth, Wind and Fire song which they will probably release on a bonus disk.  They are also one of the best cover bands, releasing many covers that sound like they wrote them and fit perfectly into their cataloge (some highlights of which I have included underneath the tracklist for Koi No Yokan).  Enjoy.

01 – “Poltergeist
02 – “Romantic Dreams
03 – “Leathers
04 – “Swerve City
05 – “Entombed
06 – “Graphic Nature
07 – “Tempest
08 – “Gauze
09 – “Rosemary
10 – “Goon Squad
11 – “What Happened To You?

Do You Believe (Cardigans)
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

To Have and to Hold (Depeche Mode)
The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)
Savory (Jawbox)
Wax and Wane (Cocteau Twins)

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