Friday, December 13, 2013

Nine Inch Nails: Tension Tour 2013 Live Concert

Nine Inch Nails are one of the best acts to see live and luckily I have been able to see them 4 times (number 5 coming up in March on their Australian leg of their world tour).  Every time their stage show  is completely different and unmatched by any other live band.  Their lighting rigs and use of screens is always changing, both overtime and over tours but also over the course of one show as the rigging is always evolving, giving each song a personalized visual estetic.  Their latest Tension Tour is their ambitious and costly tour so far and this video documents one of the last stops on the tour before they pack up and fly over to Australia to unveil a new tour once again.

Below here are two videos documenting the behind the scenes efforts and production to get a tour like this off the ground, and just how improvised and intuative the whole process is at the beginning.

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  1. I honestly couldn't stop listening to it when I first found it back in March. It gleams with so much hope, so much excitement, I honestly almost felt her dancing come out of me - and this was before I even knew about the controversy surrounding her live performances. venues