Thursday, March 6, 2014

Future Islands perform Seasons on Letterman

Future Islands made their TV debut earlier this week on Letterman and although I have been a fan of these guys since I first heard Beach Foam in 2008, I have never had the chance to see them live.  I have to say that I really want to see them after they destroyed my expectations on Letterman.  The singer's voice as incredible as it is on the album is even more unhinged live and his delivery is as theatrical as a voice like this should be.  His dance moves are reminiscent of Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air but  less comical as he intensely stalks and sways across the stage, even though they should still make you smile.  Up to this point these guys have released a lot of excellent music with little recognition, so maybe with the upcoming release of their album Singles and this TV appearance they will get the recognition they deserve and tour enough that I can finally see them.  I have also included some of my favorite songs off older albums.


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