Saturday, October 4, 2014

Today is not a proud day to be a Canadian or Australian.

Today is not a proud day to be a Canadian or Australian.

Today Australia and Canada begin carpet-bombing Iraq and Syria, aiding the United States in their disastrous War of Terror that continues to spread across the globe.  While ISIS or Islamic State is a very real and very frightening group, the continued bombing of innocent people in multiple countries will not solve this problem but only continue to make the situation worse and the consequences will be ever increasing and result in unforseen attacks at home.

For nearly 20 years the Canadian and Australian (along with the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Turkey) have spent billions of taxpayers money, not to buy but to develop F-35 US built fighter jets, a project that was conceived by the United States Department of Defence as requiring participation in their War of Terror.  I guess it was decided that tax money should be used to fund this project because current fighter jet technology was not up to Canada or Australia’s killing needs.   All this time, both countries were fighting alongside the United States in multiple countries fighting war that were not declared against enemies that were created, supplied and funded by the United States itself.  During all these wars fighter jets have never been used by the United States, Canada, or Australia so this investment seemed like a total waste of taxpayer money.  Then Islamic State entered the picture.  It is perfect timing just as the need for fighter jets has arisen; Lockheed Martin is about to deliver its first round of jets to its happy and eager customers.

For 3 years that United States has been trying to over through the Assad regime in Syria by funding extremist groups in hope that they will destabilize the government and topple the regime.  Groups that have received funding include al-Qaeda, whom is the United States sworn enemy and the exact group they have been fighting for the last 13 years in the neighbouring country of Iraq (a group that was not in Iraq before the “Coalition of the Willing” began before the invasion of Iraq) as well as rebel groups that morphed and eventually became Islamic State. 

Over the long life of the War of Terror the media has never been critical of these wars and has always been calling for the heads of those that are responsible and justifying the United States and participating countries going into foreign countries and creating absolute chaos, while killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and displacing millions.  It is obvious that these wars have been beneficial to no one but a very few people that control US and EU corporate interests, and that the wars have been nothing more then thinly veiled schemes to put foreign oil and mineral deposits into these corporations hands.  These few people that are control these corporations also use their money and influence to control the mainstream media and its message, control our politicians and dictate their agendas, as well as, controlling the banking system to which all governments and their citizens are indebt too.

At home we continue to see politicians talk about how there is no money for education and healthcare but in a blink of an eye they can dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars and in the United States case trillions of dollars to a war that is a continual losing battle.  People need to ask themselves why they pay taxes and what the most important thing that their taxes should be dedicated to.  If healthcare and education are not near on the top of that list you need to do some soul searching and question your personal beliefs.

It is a sad day to be a Canadian or Australian as it is a sad day to be a citizen of all nations around the globe as we sit back and let our governments use our money to create absolute chaos in the name of keeping us safe, while endangering everyone on this planet.  Every step taken by the military is always a misstep and there are always unforseen consequences.  This isn’t a battle that can be won by bombing and these are wars that were taken up without a plan to ever win. 

For every million-dollar bomb dropped think that money could be used to hire numerous teachers, buy medical equipment or hire more doctors to reduce waiting time and improve care.  For every innocent life lost (which there will be hundreds of thousands more and eventually millions as this will continue to escalate) there is more fuel added to the fires of hate, which creates new soldiers to fight the military juggernaut of the “Coalition of the Willing.”

As a Canadian living in Australia it is a sad day to be a citizen of either but it is also a good day to stand up to your government and oppose these morally corrupt politicians and their friends wars.

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