Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grizzly Bear vs. Shanghai

This is a piece that I just submitted for a zine called Bearfight, which is a collection of artists works featuring Bears fighting whatever. I chose to go colossal and did my best to channel some oldschool Godzilla destruction and have a Grizzly Bear tearing apart Shanghai. The Grizzly was hand drawn and then rendered on Photoshop, while the alien that is controlling the bear (why else would it want to rampage thru China?) was drawn using photoshop exclusively. The background was arranged from photos and then drawn on top of. I wasn't sure how it would come together using different techniques on the different parts but I think it all comes together quite well. I will post again once I have information about when Bearfight is available for sale.


To see a preview of the Bearfight publication you can go here:

and to order your very own copy go here:


  1. This is awesome Aaron!

    You can tell the difference between each aspect done on different platforms and it makes it look way better.

  2. Ha, I really like the alien. Just sitting there in his... BEAR, WAAAAH! Good idea too!