Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Huntsman-Devil Concept

This was something I did in one day, which was a nice change after spending two weeks on the Brauheist/Invasives poster. Concidering how fast I did this I don't think you can tell that I spent any less time on this then any other piece I have done. This is a character concept I did for a project that I'm working on with a few other people. I will have more details, and new concept drawings soon.


  1. This is awesome Aaron. Impressive for one day's work

  2. I am the author of this project Aaron is working on and must admit it stunned me. The mere concept of the creatures is mind-boggling, and Aaron no less caught the 'shark teeth' and hidden mouth of the villains so deliciously.

    My hat's to you, Aaron. Your creatures are one of a kind. Nobody in the world does creatures like you do and I am honored to attach your name to my work.

    The world abroad would do well in following suit.

  3. WOOOOAAAAH! That mouth is the scariest thing i've ever seen! WAAAAAH! I can imagine the sound it makes WRROOAAAAH! Really cool drawing.

  4. The creatures do howl and screech good guess =)