Saturday, August 20, 2011

Holy Shit. They released the West Memphis Three today.

After 18 years of being wrongly imprisoned, the courts finally released the West Memphis Three.  The three teens where found guilty of murdering 3 younger children in a satanic ritual.  There was no evidence except a confession to police during interogation from Jessie Misskelley, who was 17 years old at the time and considered mentally retarded.  Police integogated him for twelve hours with out his parents or lawyers and only recorded 46 minutes of the 12 hours.  After 18 years of public outcry and five years of sitting on negative DNA test they were release this afteroon.  The whole time the courts have ignored people's demands for a new hearing of the Three, while ignoring evidence that John Mark Byers, the adoptive father of victim Christopher Byers murdered the three boys.

Before releasing them the courts made them plead guilty to the crimes, once again, to show that the courts and the police investigation was never wrong and the West Memphis Three will always be known as murderers. 

The police will not investigate any other suspects.

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