Sunday, October 13, 2013

Madame Buttons Presents: HYSTERIUM A Fashion Fashion Costume Show

This poster is something that I have been working on nightly for the last few weeks and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work on a Art Nouveau poster inspired by the works of Alphonse Mucha.  I have always loved his style of interplay between patterns, hair and framing but have been too intimidated to try my hand at such a work.  Madame Buttons came to me with the layout for this poster and a vision of what the finished poster should look like, which I was pleased to have the opportunity to undertake.

This poster is for an event in which Madame Buttons unveils 27 Haute Couture fashion costumes on the world which she has been working on for the last two years.  If you are in Melbourne on November 28th, don't miss this night of excess.

Below is the press release for the show and a link to the Facebook page containing more information and links to buy tickets to the event.

Madame Buttons Presents


The most unexplored phenomenon of human consciousness is that of the psychedelic experience.

Public research on the subject has been restricted by all governments without exemption; reserving these experiments only for their own operations of grievous mal-intent.

What was not anticipated, however, was that a secretive network of subterranean – commonly referred to as underground- trans-dimensional beings were already traversing unknown bounds throughout multiple-histories and universes in order to second-step the misguided calculations of clandestine government agencies.

These creatures prance through an entanglement of histories of seduction and psychedelia: from the Art Nuevo world of the Belle Epoch and a romp through post-modernism, to a ballroom teeming with flappers in the 1920’s and then a night out in a NYC basement amidst the glam culture of the 1980’s.

An anonymous tip-off leaked the whereabouts and timing surrounding the next congregation:


Posing as "A smattering of performance artists, a flamboyance of catwalk beauties and a series of short snappy dance performances - underscored by a DJ set with the delicious Mimi Velevska" the evening is purported to be a cryptic insight into the attire and behavioural antics of one particular personality - Madame Buttons – who has combed the entire of history for the inspiration for her physical guises, manifest as 27 spectacular head-to-toe outfits give or take the toe to be displayed on live flesh before your very eyes.

In addition, a line of tight, tight, tight consumable epidermis in the form of her Liquid Lycra ranges will be available for you to purchase and wear throughout your own galactic romp.

The tear in space-time is scheduled for 8pm sharp – as inter-stellar winds obscure the quantum doorway within a quarter of an hour.

*Pre-purchasing through Madame Buttons is softly suggested to avoid circulating surplus currency. 

Facebook Event Link

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