Thursday, October 24, 2013

Russel Brand, You Don't Vote?

Russel Brand is interviewed by Jeremy Paxman about his political ideologies and how his views are not represented by our current system and as so voting would be hypocritical.  The interviewer tries his best to disregard Brand for his lack of engagement with the current system but Brand eloquently tell how we are all underrepresented and that a change is coming and will have to come.


  1. Russel Brand has always been really open with his point of view for politics, and every video/interview the interviewer always doesn't take him serious. He is a smart guy, but no one gives him the time of day.

  2. Most people that are interviewed in the media that don't agree with the status quo are often talked down too and called crazy or paranoid, but he is just so damned well spoken, witty, and levelheaded, he calmly puts everyone in there place. This guy is fantastic.