Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Native Australian Animals

I did this collection of illustrations for a series of magnets that I produced for Christmas presents for family members.  It is a collection of native Australian animals and after a few months I am proud to be able to share these with everyone.

The Kookaburra.  This bird sits up in the trees and laughs his enormous head off at all that goes on below him with other Kookaburras.

 The Koala.  This lazy marsupial sits up in gum trees all day long, lounging and eating gum leaves, which make him all the lazier.

The Magpie.  This beautiful black and white bird has a call and whistle that is just as majestical but be sure to stay away if it has babies nearby because it will swoop animals it sees as a threat to its young, even something as large as a human.

The Ringtail Possum.  This marsupial hangs out and sleeps the day away in the treetops but will climb down to the ground during the night to rummage and find food.

The Wombats.  This large and cuddly marsupial hides in the day in its underground burrow to venture out at night for food.

The Bilby.  It is known that this little marsupial visits Australian children at Easter instead of a bunny.

The Cassowary.  This gigantic bird, which seems as much dinosaur as bird, roams the jungle eating a wide variety of plants and seeds and helps the jungle by distributing the seeds in their droppings.

The Emu.  This is another large bird but unlike the Cassowary you will not find this guy in the jungle but instead more likely to find him roaming cooler climates, usually grasslands.

The Kangaroo.  Australia's most famous animal of all, these guys bounce around on their powerfully hind legs and can be found in most climates and terrains across the diverse continent.

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  1. These are awesome. Love the photo illustration fusion.